Plumber Service Career Opportunities in Sacramento, CA

By Brian on March 14, 2024

If you’re on the hunt for service plumber jobs in Sacramento, CA, you’ve landed at the right spot. Sacramento, CA, is bustling with opportunities for skilled plumbers. Whether you’re new to the field or have years of experience under your belt, the city has a wide range of options to offer. From large-scale construction projects and maintenance work to residential services and emergency repairs, Sacramento’s plumbing sector is thriving. Below, we’ll summarize the breadth of service plumber job opportunities in the area.

  • Newcomers: Entry-level positions with training programs.
  • Experienced Professionals: Opportunities in residential services, commercial projects, and specialist roles like water heater installation and repair.
  • High-Level Experts: Positions for Plumbing Foremen, Master Plumbers, and roles in plumbing design and engineering.

This quick list should give you a snapshot of what’s out there.

Moreover, plumbing in Sacramento isn’t just about fixing leaks; it’s a career that blends technical skill with customer service excellence, offering a pathway to a rewarding profession. The plumbing industry in the city is known for a supportive community that values professional growth, ensuring a dynamic and fulfilling career.

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Now, let’s dive deeper into plumbing careers in Sacramento, CA, and what you can expect in terms of job availability, pay scales, and how to climb the professional ladder in this essential trade.

High Paying Plumbing Jobs

In Sacramento, CA, the plumbing industry offers a variety of high-paying jobs that cater to different skill sets and levels of experience. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to advance your career, understanding the roles and potential earnings of these positions can help you navigate your path. Here’s a look at some of the top-paying jobs in the plumbing sector:

  • Plumbing Engineer: This role involves the design and planning of plumbing systems for new buildings or renovations. It requires a strong understanding of engineering principles and plumbing codes. Plumbing engineers often work closely with architects and construction teams to ensure that the plumbing design is efficient and compliant with all regulations.

  • Plumbing Designer: Similar to plumbing engineers, plumbing designers focus on creating detailed plans and specifications for plumbing systems. This role typically requires proficiency in drafting software and a deep knowledge of plumbing systems and materials.

  • Master Plumber: Achieving the status of a master plumber is a significant milestone in a plumber’s career. Master plumbers have extensive experience and have passed rigorous exams to demonstrate their expertise. They can lead large projects, run their own plumbing businesses, and are qualified to train apprentices.

  • Plumbing Foreman: A plumbing foreman oversees the work of a team of plumbers on construction sites. They are responsible for ensuring that the project stays on schedule, meets quality standards, and adheres to safety protocols. Leadership skills and experience in project management are key for this role.

  • Licensed Plumber: Becoming a licensed plumber is an essential step for anyone looking to work in the plumbing field. Licensed plumbers have completed the necessary education and training, passed a licensing exam, and met all other requirements set by the state. They are qualified to install, repair, and maintain plumbing systems in residential and commercial properties.

In Sacramento, CA, the demand for skilled plumbers is high, making it an attractive location for professionals looking to advance their careers in the plumbing industry. Service plumber jobs in Sacramento, CA, offer competitive salaries and opportunities for growth, especially for those who specialize and gain certifications in specific areas of the trade.

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As you consider your career path in plumbing, gaining experience, continuing your education, and obtaining professional certifications can significantly increase your earning potential and job prospects. Sacramento, CA, with its robust construction and renovation market, provides a fertile ground for plumbers to thrive and achieve their career goals.

Steps to Becoming a Plumber in Sacramento, CA

Embarking on a career as a plumber in Sacramento, CA, involves a few critical steps. Let’s break them down into simple, easy-to-understand parts.

Secondary Education

First off, finish your high school education or get a GED. This step is crucial because it lays the foundation for your future training. Math, science, and shop classes can be especially helpful. They teach you the basics of measurements, pressures, and the kind of problem-solving skills you’ll use daily as a plumber.

Vocational Training

Next up, consider vocational training. These programs, often available at community colleges or trade schools, provide the technical knowledge you need. You’ll learn about water systems, piping, faucet installation, and more. Plus, these courses often include hands-on training, giving you a taste of what it’s like to work in the field.

Plumbing Apprenticeship

The most critical step is the plumbing apprenticeship. Think of it as your on-the-job training. Apprenticeships can last anywhere from 4 to 5 years, but they’re worth it. You’ll work alongside experienced plumbers, learn the trade inside out, and get paid while doing it. By the end, you’ll be ready to tackle service plumber jobs in Sacramento, CA, on your own.

Each step is a building block. Start with your education, layer on the vocational training, and then dive deep into your apprenticeship. It’s a path that requires patience and hard work, but the rewards—steady employment, good pay, and the satisfaction of a job well done—are well worth it.

As you move through these steps, keep an eye out for opportunities to specialize. Maybe you’ll find that you have a knack for residential service or that you’re particularly good at troubleshooting complex systems. Sacramento’s vibrant market means there’s room to find your niche.

And remember, becoming a plumber isn’t just about fixing pipes. It’s about ensuring that homes and businesses have safe, reliable access to water. It’s a career that makes a difference.

With dedication and the right training, you can join the ranks of skilled tradespeople making a mark in Sacramento, CA. Your journey starts now.

Top States for Plumbing Jobs

When it comes to plumbing jobs, not all states are created equal. Some states offer better opportunities, higher pay, and more demand for plumbers. If you’re considering a career in plumbing, or looking to relocate for better prospects, here are the top states you should have on your radar:


Oregon stands out for its strong demand for skilled tradespeople, including plumbers. The state’s commitment to sustainable building practices and green living increases the need for plumbers who can work with the latest water-saving technologies. This is a place where your skills can contribute to environmental conservation while earning a good living.


The unique challenges posed by Alaska’s climate and geography make it a lucrative state for plumbers. High rates of pay reflect the specialized skills needed to deal with freezing temperatures and remote locations. If you’re up for adventure and want your plumbing career to take you to some of the most beautiful and challenging environments, Alaska might be the place for you.

North Dakota

Thanks to a booming oil industry and rapid economic growth, North Dakota has a high demand for all kinds of construction and maintenance workers, including plumbers. The state offers some of the highest average wages for plumbers in the country. If you’re looking for a place where your plumbing skills are in high demand, North Dakota is worth considering.


Illinois, particularly the Chicago area, has a dense population and a vast number of older buildings requiring regular maintenance, repair, and updating. This creates a steady demand for plumbers. The state also offers robust apprenticeship programs, making it an excellent place for new plumbers to learn the trade and start their careers.


Montana’s expanding cities and towns, combined with its rural expanses, offer a broad range of opportunities for plumbers. From working in urban environments to providing services in remote locations, Montana’s diverse needs make it a great state for plumbers looking for variety in their work. The state’s focus on growth and development means that skilled tradespeople are in high demand.

Each of these states offers unique opportunities and challenges for plumbers. Whether you’re drawn to the adventure and beauty of Alaska, the bustling urban environments of Illinois, or the green living of Oregon, there’s a place for you to build a rewarding plumbing career. Success in plumbing isn’t just about where you work; it’s about the skills, dedication, and passion you bring to the job. As you consider your options, think about what’s most important to you in your career and life—chances are, there’s a perfect fit for you in one of these top states for plumbing jobs.

Your journey as a plumber isn’t just about fixing pipes. It’s about ensuring that homes and businesses have safe, reliable access to water. It’s a career that makes a difference.

With dedication and the right training, you can join the ranks of skilled tradespeople making a mark in Sacramento, CA. Your journey starts now.

Plumbing Specializations and Their Demand

In plumbing, there are several paths you can take, each with its own set of demands and rewards. Let’s dive into some of the specializations within the plumbing industry: Residential Plumber, Journeyman Plumber, Construction Plumber, and Service Plumber. Understanding these roles will help you navigate your career options in Sacramento, CA.

Residential Plumber

Residential plumbers are the heroes of the home. They tackle everything from leaky faucets to installing new piping systems. In Sacramento, CA, the demand for residential plumbers is high due to the ongoing need for home maintenance and the constant development of new housing. If you enjoy solving problems and making house calls, this path could be for you.

Journeyman Plumber

Becoming a Journeyman Plumber is a significant milestone in a plumber’s career. It requires completing an apprenticeship and passing a state exam. As a journeyman, you can work independently on a variety of projects, both residential and commercial. In Sacramento, CA, journeyman plumbers are in demand for their expertise and versatility. This role is ideal if you seek diversity in your work and the opportunity to tackle more complex projects.

Construction Plumber

Construction plumbers work on new buildings, ensuring that the plumbing system is correctly installed from the ground up. This specialization requires a good understanding of blueprints and building codes. Sacramento, CA’s booming construction sector offers ample opportunities for plumbers in this field. If you’re interested in being part of the building process and enjoy seeing a project evolve from plans to reality, construction plumbing might be your calling.

Service Plumber

Service plumbers specialize in repair and maintenance. They are the troubleshooters who diagnose and fix problems. The demand for service plumber jobs in Sacramento, CA, is particularly high because every building with plumbing will eventually need repairs or maintenance. This role is perfect for those who enjoy variety, problem-solving, and the satisfaction of fixing issues on the spot.

In Summary:
Choosing a specialization in plumbing can lead to a fulfilling career. Whether you’re drawn to the residential comfort of fixing homes, the journey of a journeyman plumber, the foundational work of construction plumbing, or the problem-solving nature of service plumbing, Sacramento, CA, offers a wealth of opportunities. Each specialization has its demands, but they all share the reward of providing essential services that keep water flowing safely and efficiently.

A career as a plumber isn’t just about fixing pipes. It’s about ensuring that homes and businesses have safe, reliable access to water. It’s a career that makes a difference.

With dedication and the right training, you can join the ranks of skilled tradespeople making a mark in Sacramento, CA. Your journey starts now.

Working in Sacramento, CA as a Plumber

Sacramento, CA is a bustling city with a vibrant job market for plumbers. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned professional, there’s a place for you in Sacramento’s plumbing industry. Let’s dive into the opportunities waiting for you in this city.

Residential Service

In Sacramento, residential service is a big part of the plumbing job market. Homes are constantly being built, renovated, and maintained, creating a steady demand for skilled plumbers. From fixing leaks to installing new plumbing systems, residential service offers a variety of tasks that keep the job interesting and challenging.

Highest Paying Jobs

For those looking to climb the ladder, Sacramento offers some of the highest paying jobs in the plumbing sector. Positions like Plumbing Foreman, Master Plumber, and Plumbing Engineer are in demand, with competitive salaries to match. These roles often require years of experience and certifications, but the financial rewards and job satisfaction are well worth the effort.

No Experience Jobs

If you’re new to the field, don’t worry. Sacramento has plenty of no experience jobs to help you get your foot in the door. Many companies are willing to train motivated individuals who are interested in learning the trade. These entry-level positions are a great way to gain hands-on experience while earning a paycheck.

Entry Level Positions

Entry level positions in Sacramento are not just about being an apprentice or a helper. Many of these roles offer the chance to work on real projects under the guidance of experienced professionals. You’ll learn the ropes, from basic repairs to more complex installations, setting you up for a successful career in plumbing.

In Conclusion,

Working as a plumber in Sacramento, CA, offers a wide range of opportunities, from residential service to high-paying specialized roles. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for your next challenge, Sacramento’s plumbing industry has something for everyone. With the right training and a willingness to learn, you can build a rewarding career in this essential trade. Your journey in making a significant impact on homes and businesses in Sacramento starts today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Plumbing Careers

What is the highest paid plumber in America?

The highest paid plumbers in America often hold advanced positions such as Plumbing Engineers or Master Plumbers. These professionals have years of experience, extensive training, and possibly additional certifications or licenses. They can earn significantly more than entry-level positions, with some salaries reaching upwards of $100,000 annually, depending on factors like location, specialization, and the type of projects they handle.

What state pays plumbers the most?

Alaska, Illinois, Oregon, Montana, and North Dakota are among the top-paying states for plumbers in the United States. These states offer higher average salaries for plumbers due to factors like the cost of living, demand for skilled trades, and the complexity or scale of plumbing projects common in those areas. For instance, plumbers in Alaska often deal with unique challenges due to the extreme weather, which can command higher pay rates.

How do I become a plumber in the UK?

Becoming a plumber in the UK typically involves a combination of vocational training and apprenticeships. You would start by enrolling in a plumbing course at a college or training center, which provides the foundational knowledge and skills. Following this, securing an apprenticeship with a plumbing company or experienced plumber allows you to gain hands-on experience while earning. This path can take several years, after which you can become a fully qualified plumber. There are also options for gaining additional certifications to specialize in certain areas of plumbing or to achieve a higher qualification level, such as becoming a Gas Safe registered engineer, which is necessary for anyone working with gas appliances.

just starting out or looking for your next challenge, Sacramento’s plumbing industry has something for everyone. With the right training and a willingness to learn, you can build a rewarding career in this essential trade. Your journey in making a significant impact on homes and businesses in Sacramento starts today.


In wrapping up our exploration of service plumber jobs in Sacramento, CA, it’s clear that the opportunities within this field are both vast and varied. Whether you’re just embarking on your plumbing career or seeking to elevate it, Sacramento presents a fertile ground for growth, innovation, and success.

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