Water Heater

Since 1889, water heaters have made the lives of millions (likely billions) of people easier. As you have likely noticed, your water heater is an asset to your home. It provides you with on-demand clean hot water. When something is wrong with it, it can throw a wrench in your entire day. After all, there is nothing less satisfying than starting the day with a cold shower. If your water is not as hot as it should be (or not hot at all), call the experts at Go Pro Plumbing for our top-notch water heater repair. We are experienced with traditional water heaters, solar water heaters, as well as tankless water heater repair services. Give us a call today for your free estimate. Learn more about our water heater repair services below. 

How Long Do Water Heaters Usually Last?

Not all water heaters are made the same. Some last longer than others. Others last for a shorter amount of time but have a lower initial cost. Learn more about the life expectancy of your type of water heater below. 

  • Traditional Water Heater (tank): Tank styled water heaters have been in use for more than a century. With this in mind, you can expect them to last for approximately 10 years.
  • Tankless Water Heater: In addition to the bevy of benefits that accompany the installation of a tankless water heater, you can expect it to last for approximately 20 years (or more). 
  • Solar Water Heater: The most recent addition to the water heater family includes the solar water heater. You can expect it to last for 20 – 25 years (with proper maintenance and upkeep). 

What Would Cause a Water Heater to Stop Working?

Your water heater can stop working for a number of reasons. For the most part, a tank-styled water heater is more susceptible to damage since it has more parts and actually houses the water. In general, the reasons that would cause a water heater to stop working include a Malfunctioning power source (or no power), Malfunctioning thermostat, leaks, pilot light that is not lit (in gas water heaters), broken electronic ignition, issues with the pressure-relief or temperature valve, decreased water pressure, or loose/malfunctioning parts. It can be difficult for a person without plumbing experience to diagnose the issues with their water heater. If you suspect that your water heater is in need of repair, give us a call to schedule a visit for water heater repair. 

Can a Water Heater be Repaired?

For the most part, yes. A water heater can be repaired. A rare instance of a non-repairable water heater happens if your hot water heater tank is leaking. In this case, it is recommended that you replace your water heater as quickly as possible. It may be advantageous to consider upgrading to a tankless water heater in the future to avoid this problem. 

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Water Heater?

It can cost anywhere from $50 – $1,200 to repair a water heater. It is impossible to know how much it will cost until you have enlisted the services of a reputable plumber for water heater repair in Folsom. It should be noted that if the repair cost is too much, it may be better to simply replace and upgrade your tank.