Showers & Tubs

Most showers and tubs are utilized at least once per day (in most cases more). This high usage makes your showers and tubs more susceptible to needing repairs. Though there are a few easy fixes like showerhead replacements and clearing the drain, there are many more significant repairs that may be needed to remedy issues with a shower’s plumbing and/or tub’s plumbing. Give the Experts at Go Pro Plumbing a call to schedule a free estimate if you are having issues with your shower plumbing or tub plumbing. 

Signs That Your Showers and Tubs Need Plumbing Repair

Allowing issues with your tub or shower plumbing to fester can cause major damage in the long run. Learn more about the signs that your bathroom plumbing may be in need of repair below. 

  • Water Stains on the ceiling below your bathroom
  • Mold building on your walls within the bathroom
  • Loose or damp floors around your showers or tubs
  • Water stains on the walls within your bathroom 
  • Lack of water pressure or erratic pressure

Common Repairs for Tubs and Showers Plumbing Repairs

Though you can’t see them all, there are many unseen aspects of a shower’s plumbing and a tub’s plumbing. Issues can often arise with the showerhead supply line, hot or cold water supply, wastewater drain, as well as the tub overflow drain. Any of these issues left unchecked can lead to much larger issues. Working with a reputable plumber the moment that issues arise can save you thousands of dollars as well as major headaches. 

Working With a Reputable Plumber

It is possible to make DIY repairs to your showers and tubs plumbing. However, it is not always recommended. This is especially true if you are not a trained plumber. Working with an experienced plumber can help to solve the problem quickly and correctly the first time. At Go Pro Plumbing, we only hire the best, experienced and licensed plumbers to work on your showers and tubs. Give us a call to schedule your free estimate today.