Water Recirculation Pumps

Have you ever turned the knob on your sink or shower for hot water and had to wait for minutes for it to eventually warm up to your liking? That is likely because you have not introduced water recirculation pumps into your home. Water recirculation pumps helps to provide your home with on-demand hot water. Learn more about water recirculation pumps below. If you are interested in installing one, give us a call at Go Pro Plumbing to schedule your free estimate today. 

How Does a Water Recirculation Pump Work?

Hot water recirculation pumps return unused hot water to your water heater instead of leaving it in the pipes where it will eventually become cold. The reason that it sometimes takes a while for your water to become hot, is because before the hot water comes out of your faucet or shower, your pipes must push out the existing cold water that is sitting in your pipes. 

What is the Best Hot Water Recirculation Pump?

There are a number of well-functioning hot water recirculation pumps that are available for purchase. Choosing the right one is a matter of your personal needs as well as budget. In general, you can choose between a full-recirculation pump and a recirculating pump comfort system. Speak with our experts to learn more about the differences and what your home needs. 

Do Hot Water Recirculation Pumps Save Money? 

Water recirculation pumps can save money as well as energy in certain situations. Depending on the type of water recirculation pumps that you are interested in as well as the amount of water that you use, will dictate the amount of savings that you can expect. 

How do You Install a Recirculation Pump? 

Though installing water heater recirculating pumps is not as difficult as many other plumbing ventures, it is not recommended that you do it yourself (unless you are properly trained). Installation essentially includes installing the pump onto your water heater and a “check valve” on the sink that is furthest away from your water heater. This will ensure that your water is always hot when you need it.