Water Main & Water Line

Unfortunately, Every plumbing issue cannot be fixed with a plunger and wrench. In some cases, the problem is much bigger. In the case that you are having issues with your water main or a water line within the plumbing of your home, it is recommended that you contact a water line repair expert as soon as you can. If you neglect to do so, your home may be at risk of flooding or significant water damage which can cause thousands of dollars to repair. If you own a home or property for long enough, you will likely run into at least one issue with your water lines or water main. This is especially true for homes that are older than 50 years old. Before learning about the water main or water line repairs, it is important to know the difference. Your water lines refer to the plumbing within and under your property. A water main is the line that feeds your home water from the city supply. Learn more about water main and water line repair below. 

Signs You Need a Water Main or Water Line Repair 

Recognizing the signs that your property is need of a repair to your water line or water main is crucial. If you are not sure if you are indeed having issues with your water main or water lines, do not hesitate to give the professionals at Go Pro Plumbing a call to schedule a free estimate today. Listed below are some of the signs to be aware of.

  • The water coming from your tap or in your toilet bowl shows signs of discoloration
  • A decrease in water pressure throughout your home
  • You notice that your water bill is significantly higher, but you have not increased usage
  • Sinkholes are forming in your yard
  • There is significant pooling and/or flooding in your basement, in your home, or yard
  • You hear running water even when the taps are not in use

Natural wear and tear are typically the cause of issues with water lines or water main. However, they can also be damaged by invading tree roots, lawncare accidents, as well as construction projects that are on or near your property.  

Working With a Professional to Repair Your Water Main or Water Line

At Go Pro Plumbing, we are committed to providing excellent service and quality work for our customers. Our plumbers are licensed, fully trained, and prepared to handle the intricate issues that can arise with a water main or the water lines within your home. Not only is it important to recognize the signs that your water main or water line needs repair, but it is just as important to hire a plumbing company that knows exactly what to do. Don’t wait until your home has been flooded or you have experienced significant water damage. Give the professionals at Go Pro Plumbing a call to schedule your free estimate today.